Beauty Business Advisory/Consulting

We are your beauty business GPS in all areas in the beauty industry. This is our signature package where we help you to develop your brand identity, product concept, unique selling proposition and product assortment recommendation. This is a DONE FOR YOU package and serving as your business partner without taking equity. Perfect for Indie brands with investment back ups or established corporations who want to rebrand/restage. We are with you every step of way to ensure your success.

Cosmetic Brand Concept Development

We craft technologies and marketing stories specifically for YOUR beauty brand to rise above the noise. Just because you have an idea does not mean it is feasible to execute in the crowded space of beauty. We help you to identify the unique technologies to craft the perfect story that solves a pain for the market demand. We have access to top technologies around the world to help you stand out. This is perfect for those who want to start their own beauty line but have no clue how to gain a competitive edge. We help you with your brand DNA

Cosmetic Product Development Formulation

There are different formulation packages available to put you ahead of the curve and on-trend for innovation. Everyone has different budget and needs when it comes to formulation. Our arrangement is flexible. You can do prototyping with us or go with the full turn-key serivce. We work with your needs. Your success is our success. Our customers are in various distribution channels such as Sephora, QVC,Evine, Amazon. We pay attention to cost of goods and minimums when we formulate. We also always check product performance prior to submission. We are known for speed & quality of our work.

Cosmetic Product Evaluation, Copywriting & Document Reviews

You have your products formulated but SO WHAT. Do you know how to evaluate the product? Do you know what will compel your customers to buy it? Do you know what claims are okay to make and which ones may raise FDA's eyebrows? We are here to help you. We have affordable monthly retainer packages for this type of service or we can do it project by project. This is a very popular package among Indie brands because getting things done right in the first place will save you millions in the long run. Even if you did not do brand development with us, even if you did not do formulation with us, it is recommended that we look over what you have and steer you in the right direction. You don't know what you don't know. We can spot your potential issues for you

Speaking Engagements & Beauty Event Host

We are passionate about beauty. Founder Ginger King has spoken in various industry events on product innovation. Ginger has the formulation/product development/marketing/sales experience in beauty industry in addition to certified trainings from her mentors, business moguls Daymond John and sales guru Grant Cardone. Ginger dedicates her life for Beauty Entrepreneurship and loves to INSPIRE, Entertain and Educate people about every aspects of Beauty. Ginger also loves to do make-over events as she has been trained by brands such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Chanel, Borghese and done events for Lord & Taylor, Anna Sui, Paul & Joe, just to name a few. If you would like to hear Ginger speak, or have a makeup event, contact us for availability and pricing.

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