My Number One Beauty Hack Revealed!

As a cosmetic chemist, I am often asked what I use. The truth is I use whatever I am developing because a good cosmetic chemist must be able to evaluate products and constantly refine beauty products for performance and aesthetics. However, cosmetic products by definition can not alter the appearance but merely enhance the appearance […]

As Seen On Forbes New York

Ginger King, a renowned cosmetic chemist and beauty business expert, is making waves in the beauty industry with her commitment to empowering entrepreneurs to create their own successful beauty brands. As the President of Grace Kingdom Beauty Cosmetic Product Development Consulting, Ginger King brings her extensive experience and knowledge to help individuals navigate the complex […]

Ginger King, Queen of Cosmetic Chemistry According to ELLE Magazine

Ginger King started making fragrances in her dorm room. Today—she’s a well-respected cosmetic chemist responsible for creating multi-million dollar beauty products that large companies have replicated. With a Master’s Degree in Natural Product Chemistry from San Jose State University and an MBA in Marketing from Long Island University, King understands the business of developing beauty […]

Want to Start Your Own Beauty Business? Let’s Talk!

Check out my sizzle reel and let’s work together to make your dream of owning your beauty brand come true. Be your own boss and leave a legacy! Creativity follows commitment. If you are committed, we can make this happen! I help you from concept to launch and starting in 2021, I can now also […]

World Health Day Starts with Your Lips & Eyes

Unlike our skin can naturally produce sebum, our lips do not have oil or sweat glands so they can get chapped easily. And NO….those fried chicken grease just won’t cut it! So obviously you need a lip balm!  Lip balms play such an important role in our health because it is the only beauty product […]