My Number One Beauty Hack Revealed!

As a cosmetic chemist, I am often asked what I use. The truth is I use whatever I am developing because a good cosmetic chemist must be able to evaluate products and constantly refine beauty products for performance and aesthetics. However, cosmetic products by definition can not alter the appearance but merely enhance the appearance based on FDA guidelines; therefore, cosmetic chemists are charged to enhance the penetration of active ingredients via the delivery system.

I have a product that I carry with me especially when I go traveling- that is Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment.

No, I do not have acne issues but I use this product on a daily basis because I find it helps to stop breakout when you feel that you might have a pimple emerging and often during travel. On a regular basis, I actually apply this product prior to my skincare because salicylic acids have the ability to drive the active ingredients down deeper thus this is considered a regulated Over-the-counter product. It’s perfect if you are acne-prone. If you use a moisturizer on top of this product on your skin, you may find your moisturizer works better and also your face will not be overdrying due to the salicylic acids. Best yet, this product is rather affordable. Personal disclaimer that no I did not formulate this product. It’s so affordable, why bother making it myself when I can just buy them online :).

Have you ever tried this hack? Love to know your thoughts.

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