Six Beauty Trends Observed From The Eye Of The Cosmetic Chemist- ME!

Hello beauties! There were a couple beauty shows I attended in June (HBA/Spa/IBS) and here is what’s happening in the world of beauty: – Powder trend- Sprayable powders and powder in puff are innovative ways to deliver powder for hair, sun or make up applications. There are also powder to cream technologies to release fresh product […]

How to Evaluate Hair Products

Besides reading ingredient listing, besides buying the actual products or getting samples prior to purchase, how do you know your hair products will work? Here are some simple tips anyone can do to see if the hair care products hold their merit. 1) For shampoos– besides the fragrance (yes, most of consumers purchase shampoos based […]

INSTANT BEAUTY- 15 minutes or Less

As a beauty industry expert, people are curious what are my favorites products.I have published some of them in my previous blog but this time, I am putting a “time-limit” to the products- they have to work in 15 minutes or less! Olay Sensitive 4-in-1 Daily Facial : I found this facial cloth cleans my face better […]

Successful Product Development

Successful Product Development This is a how cosmetic product development can be done SUCCESSFULLY. I presented this at the Global HBA in June 2012. HBA Presentation-Cosmetic Product Development from Grace Kingdom Beauty- Cosmetic Product Development

My Favorite Hair Styler- Joico Ice Spiker- The Inside Story

It was 1998 around Christmas in CA. The son of Joico hair care came to me and said: ” I coach a lot of kids for swimming and they can’t seem to find the strongest hair gel to hold their hair style. Can you develop something?” Developing a strong hair gel is easy. To develop […]