Six Beauty Trends Observed From The Eye Of The Cosmetic Chemist- ME!

Hello beauties! There were a couple beauty shows I attended in June (HBA/Spa/IBS) and here is what’s happening in the world of beauty:

– Powder trend- Sprayable powders and powder in puff are innovative ways to deliver powder for hair, sun or make up applications. There are also powder to cream technologies to release fresh product on contacts.

– Acne relief- as it’s gets hot in summer, product developers are thinking about what’s next in acne. There are technologies in Asia that delivers Salicylic acid in clear gel form without irritation via a special delivery system.

– Oil trend continues but people are moving toward oil esters for a less greasy feel and move away from the word- oil so you get the benefits of an oil without the worry of clogging the pores.

– Nail trend- OPI put out a Minnie Mouse kit and a neon mini kit. Simply cute! The rise of thermal chromic colors (color changing via changes in temperature) and neon trend is hot as well.

– Novel product form- the cutest invention was spotted that a sugar scrub in a candy wrapper once applied with water, the result was simply amazing- super duper moisturizing that lasts and lasts.

– Skin trend- the focus is still on brightening. Everyone jumped on brightening due to the Asia craze as you know there’s an Asian saying- one white skin can covers nine skin flaws. White is beautiful. To be politically correct and globally acceptable, this has translated to “Brighter” “Glowing” skin.

If you are interested to learn more or wish me to develop any of the above for your brand, let me know as I can :-).

Happy Summer!

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