My Skin Care Regimen- Want to Know What a Cosmetic Chemist Use?

There are so many products out there in the market, how do you know what to buy? Some reads on-line reviews. Some smells the products. Some touches the products. Some buys the products because of the brand name. Some buys products because they seem to work (yes, seem to work as honestly if there is […]

Game-Changing Beauty Products

I had an honor to be an on-air guest for New Beauty magazine’s weekly tea-time chat recently. Perhaps it’s my computer’s resolution, my image was quite fussy on screen. For those who missed it, Here’s what I think the game-changing beauty products are, from a cosmetic chemist and a beauty consumer’s point of view: 1) […]

The Comprehensive Way of Doing Skin Brightening

No one knows SKIN Brightening better than Asian people. Culturally, White skin equals wealth and status. There is a saying that “As long as you have WHITE skin, it can cover nine blemishes on your face, regardless if you have small eyes, pimples, large pores.”. To do proper skin brightening, there are many different skin […]