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I had an honor to be an on-air guest for New Beauty magazine’s weekly tea-time chat recently. Perhaps it’s my computer’s resolution, my image was quite fussy on screen. For those who missed it, Here’s what I think the game-changing beauty products are, from a cosmetic chemist and a beauty consumer’s point of view:

1) Olay Daily Facial- Granted there are many facial cleansers on the market that are efficient in removing make up and cleansing, I found Olay Daily Facial superb for the following reasons:

  • Easy on the go- I pack 3 sheets of Olay Daily Facial when I have an overnight stay. I use one sheet to clean off my make up and the other to clean off my face. The third sheet is saved for the morning face wash which there is no make up to remove. 
  • Lathers nicely- Yes, lather does not mean clean but I still love it can lather up just like any facial cleansers. None of the wet-towelettes do as a nice cleansing job as Olay’s daily facial.
  • Moisturizing– Olay infused skin caring moisturizer in the sheets so the skin does not feel uncomfortably tight.

2) GrandCentralBeauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Polisher– This is the first 30 seconds natural fruit acids infused skin exfoliator, toner and peel in one. It also contains soft caviar like beads to get rid of the dead skin cell. The best part is it is rinse-optional. How many times have we tried peels or exfoliators in the store and have the urge to ‘rinse-it-off” because it does not feel comfortable? With this one, not only you see results in 30 seconds for immediate skin brightening and smoothness, you do not have to rinse. It’s housed in an 1 oz package so, another easy on the go peel which you can refresh your skin any time you want! So the three points why I love this one are as follows:

  • Easy On The Go- people are busy! If I have any dry patches on skin or just want to gently exfoliate away my skin prior to expensive moisturizers or for an even application of make up, this 1 fl oz Skin Perfecting Polisher comes really handy.
  • S.M.A.R.T.- GrandCentralBeauty’s product development philosophy is to deliver Smooth, Moisturizing, Anti-aging, Redness-Reducing and Toning benefits. I definitely get all these results.
  • Gentle yet immediate results- Unlike regular polishing peels on the market, this product can be used even on sensitive skin. The best part is, I do see a huge difference in 30 seconds for smoother and brighter skin without gimmicks, beat that!

3)  Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector From multi-functional products to problem-targeted solutions, there is room for everyone in the cosmetic business. As people get older, age spots are likely to surface. Why use an all over skin brightener while you can target the issues with precise formulation? Clinique created this specialized products about 2 years ago and there are many brands try to copy it. As we know imitation is a form of flattery. This is one effective product that I do see results within a few weeks. I no longer need to use a concealer for my slight dark spots because of this special treatment! Here are my three points about this product:

  • Easy On The Go- as you can see by now, I love products that fit into busy schedules. This is housed in a slim 1 fl. oz package for easy carry-on.
  • Superb formulation- The formula aesthetic is a light serum form that absorbs quickly and skin just feel smoothed. It does not interfere with make up.
  • Efficacy- There are many products claiming it contains vitamin C. This formula not only has vitamin C but also mulberry extract to boost skin brightening.

4) Almay Smart Shade Antiaging Make Up SPF 20– I have already ditched all my foundations because of this product and I have been the most loyal foundation user for the past two decades! This is really one smart product which is under-appreciated. To me, it is the precursor to the new fad of BB’s and CC’s. Why I love it? 

  • It’s a BB cream before you know it! This product gives a flawless skin complexion with SPF protection.
  • It’s a white product once you press onto your skin, it matches your skin tone. Natural!
  • It’s a magic because if you press your skin lighter, you can use it as a highlighter. If you press your skin heavier, you can use it as a contour. The best part is it NEVER mess up your cell phone screens especially on a hot summer day after hours of chatting.

So, I have said bye to conventional facial cleansers and changed to Olay daily facial. I have  been addicted to the multi-functional GrandCentralBeauty Skin Perfecting polisher whenever I need that extra boost of revitalization/smoothing of my face. I no longer need a concealer to cover up my age-showing spots and I do not need to carry tons of make up to highlight/contour my face or to make my cellphone screen a big mess after chatting.

Don’t you think these are the game-changing beauty products? Have you tried any of them?

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