A Guide for Men’s Skin Care Selection

Father’s day is around the corner. Whether it’s for your father or your husband, skin care products can be a nice gift since most men are not as savvy as women when it comes to skin care. Why not make some smart choices for them? After-all, a youthful and healthy appearance counts especially in the world of “perception is everything”.

For starters, yes, there are differences between men’s and women’s skin:

  • Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women (yep, thicker skin to take the daily wear & tear either from shaving or work challenges).
  • Men’s skin is MORE sensitive. While the daily shaving can keep their skin look younger via mechanical “exfoliating”, if men do not follow up with a moisturizer, they can be prone to more irritations and broken capillaries.
  • Men have smaller oil glands YET they tend to be oilier than women. With the combination of oilier skin and potential blockage of oil glands with the shaved dead skin not properly cleaned, this could be the key cause for acne-prone skin.
  • Men tend to be more outdoor than women and the chances of sun-damage is much greater.

With the above mentioned difference, is it necessary to call for different skin care products? Can they use YOURS? While it is not necessary to buy a separate set of products just for men (you can to just make them feel special), you can select products that are more unisex. Majority of the products out there are perfectly okay for men. The key difference between the products is mainly in fragrance and packaging. Men do not necessarily like very floral scent but can take citrus scent or mild scent. They do not necessarily like a very feminine packaging as they like to be macho. Other than fragrance and packaging, here are a few pointers when selecting products for them:

  • Select products suitable for even sensitive skin. A lot of products out there may “Sting” their face. For example, any lactic acid containing products that meant to help exfoliate the skin may be a huge stinger. Try glycolic acid type of defoliator or mild exfoliating beads such as jojoba beads instead. Proper exfoliation prior to shaving can also help prevent in-grown hair and bumps.
  • Select products that can boost hydration. There is a difference between replenishing moisture and replenishing oil to the skin. This is why many people suffer from acne yet their skin look “dried-out” and “peeling”. Everyone needs hydration just like we need 8 glasses of water a day. Select oil-free products but one MUST use a moisturizer especially at night. People get dehydrated the most at night and this is why if you examine all the “night” moisturizer, they are likely to contain super humectants and moisturizers in the name of hyaluronic acid or natural extracts from water-melon, apple or algae.
  • Select products that are multi-functional. Perhaps a facial cleanser that can double as a shave cream this way you make sure they clean their face nicely without residues of shave cream that potentially can clog the pores.
  • Select products that offer them a pamper treatment. Eventhough the percentage of men visiting spas have increased, but there are still men out there who have not tried a mask before. Mask is not only a feel good product, a mask treatment can help with microcirculation, hydration, toning and can be a nice treat after a few rounds of golf or outdoor activities.
  • Select products that contain SPF 30- Everyone should be using sunscreen regardless of gender. Typically SPF 15 is needed but by the time you apply sunscreen onto the face, the SPF 15 may only have SPF 7.5 since the test on SPF is measured by a thick layer of application while most of the people just apply a thin layer on skin. Higher SPF does not necessary give more protection. A SPF 15 is a minimum but for men who are out there more, a SPF 30 is highly recommended.

Women spend countless dollars to make ourselves look and feel good. While men may not have a slight idea what to buy. Why not take this special “Father’s Day” opportunity to get them started if they have not already being using skin care or get something new such as a facial mask to make them feel extra special?

Happy Father’s Day!

Nourish or Perish, we only have one face!



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