Beauty & Water- How “rich” is your skin?

Everyone knows the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day to keep healthy. Do you know the word ‘water’ is on at least 85% of cosmetic claims? Claims like to boost hydration, to lock in the moisture content, to increase 24 hour moisturization and to prevent trans-epidermal water loss are commonly seen. “WATER” is clearly an important element when it comes to beauty.

In Asia, across all beauty magazines, you will keep seeing the word “water” all over on cosmetic ads. In Taiwanese, when you compliment a pretty girl, you said “Sui” that means “water”. It’s the same “Sui” as in Feng Sui” which is Wind & Water. The word “water” in Cantonese, also means “Money” so if you have good “water”, you have “good money”; Provide water to your skin is to keep your skin RICH. Isn’t it wonderful? Additionally, this year, Japan government approved their claim #56 which they can now say on product labels “increase skin hydration to improve fine lines”. Thus, there is an important “water” status across Asia.

Current cosmetic advances can boost skin hydration (water content) and also skin moisturization (water and oil). To do smart skin care, you can look for ingredients that will increase the water level of skin as well as “keeping the water in”. Ingredients like watermelon can boost NMF (normal moistuization factor) in the skin or some algaes can provide “moisture with memory” which means if you use the product for a week and then go on travelling, your skin still remembers the water content level and keep it hydrated.  Some moisturization ingredients can even help to boost the level of ceramides/collagen/hyaluronic acid synthesis in skin so you are not only getting the hydration but also moisturization. Furthermore, ingredient claims such as boost hydration up to 6000% is  also achievable.

Keeping your skin hydrated is the number one prevention for fine lines. Look for products that contains glycerin (natural humectant), watermelon (boost NMF), algae (natural moisturizer), fruit extracts (promote natural skin exfoliation to make your moisturizers work better), sea minerals (important element in skin moisturization), sugar molecules (draw moisture from air) and other biopolymers that have the ability to seal in the actives such as xanthan gum and carrageenan.

You do not have to be rich to keep your skin rich. Just make sure your skin is well hydrated, especially at night because your skin gets dehydrated the most at night. Therefore, nourish or perish, put on your water-rich moisturizer before you go to bed religiously. Let your naturally “rich” skin bring you good luck day after day! Drink your 8 glasses of water AND apply moisture-rich products!

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