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My mentor Grant Cardone says the number one reason business fail is because of obscurity. If people don’t know you, they don’t flow you. Getting known is the first big step to build credibility. As a beauty industry consultant, the first question the clients want to know is what have you done.
There are many customers have a Non-disclosure Agreement in place so third party credential becomes extremely important.

I am humbled to have 26 publications and more quoted me on my expertise on skin, hair, color, sun, fragrance, debunking the beauty hacks, pro tips and more.


Whether you have a business as an entrepreneur or working for others as an intrapreneur, self-branding is critical. Even if you do not have the official title of “SALES”, remember, whatever daily negotiations you do such as who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning is a sales game. Everyone is in sales on this planet if you want to get ahead.

I welcome collaboration opportunities to work with you on retainer or by projects. I run a full-service beauty consulting service so as long as it’s beauty-related, chances are I can help you out.

My other mentor Daymond John, the branding guru always says- Remember, YOU are the brand. I take it to heart and can help you to brand YOU.

Enjoy my 114 pages and growing media kit by clicking the link.

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