Your Beauty Questions ANSWERED!

As a cosmetic chemist, a skin expert and a makeup artist, I have ¬†been asked many questions by consumers and editors. Below is the Q&A for the commonly asked questions and my professional opinion. Is red-lipstick the best hack for under eye dark circles? Heck NO! Red lipsticks contains certain dyes that can be irritating […]

My Skin Care Regimen- Want to Know What a Cosmetic Chemist Use?

There are so many products out there in the market, how do you know what to buy? Some reads on-line reviews. Some smells the products. Some touches the products. Some buys the products because of the brand name. Some buys products because they seem to work (yes, seem to work as honestly if there is […]

Let’s talk about beauty- anything in beauty

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Snake, Snail, Horse Fat Dominate Asia’s Beauty & Much More

You want to know what’s hot in Asia Beauty and the best way to check out the market? Read on! Animal Byproducts are still popular! You can find snake venom, snail secretion and horse fat in personal care products boasting for anti-aging,moisturization and the wonder healing properties. The horse fat in particular is hot in […]

What Happens At The Cosmetic Counter- Your Questions Answered

I am a cosmetic chemist and a beauty consultant who have worked in retail at the counter- note, I no longer said “behind the counter” as you are supposed to be IN FRONT of the counter recruiting clients by showing them what’s new at all times. I love being at the counter as you get […]

Must Read “Don’t Do” Make-up & Skin-Care Tips From A Cosmetic Chemist

Make-Up boosts our confidence. Make-up showcases our creativity. Who doesn’t like make-up? While there are many trends of doing make-up, do it wisely for your own safety and bring out the best look in you. This post is a must read from a cosmetic chemist’s view who has also worked as a make-up artist at […]

A Guide for Men’s Skin Care Selection

Father’s day is around the corner. Whether it’s for your father or your husband, skin care products can be a nice gift since most men are not as savvy as women when it comes to skin care. Why not make some smart choices for them? After-all, a youthful and healthy appearance counts especially in the […]

Skin Exfoliation Ingredients

I have posted many times- do not waste your money on expensive moisturizer if you are applying it on dead skin layer- Exfoliate! Exfoliation is the fundamental step to a fresher younger looking complexion which should be done at least once a week (note- do not over-exfoliate as it will weaken your skin and make […]