Do Not Waste your Money on Expensive Moisturizers If You Don’t Exfoliate

Skin Care is simple! It’s really 3 important steps to achieve the fountain of youth. Exfoliation. Moisturization and Sun Screen. ¬†Among these, exfoliation should be on top of the list as who wants to put on tons of expensive products on dead skin cells?

There are many types of skin exfoliation: Physical, Chemical, Enzyme, Mechanical, Fish-Biting and Rolling Peels (the last two are popular in Asia).

The physical exfoliators use polyethylene, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide or shells of fruits;  This type of exfoliators tend to be harsher and may not be suitable for sensitive skin.

The chemical exfoliators use Alpha Hydroxy Acids which are more gentle than physical exfoliators. However, depending on how the product is formulated or what percentage is used, there can be some discomfort, skin-reddening or stinging sensation.

There are also enzyme exfoliators using enzymes from fruit to eat away dead skin cells for a temporary skin softening effect. Lately with the technology advance, Clarisonic brushes have also become very popular. Just don’t forget to wash or change the brush heads!

In Asia, you can even find the popular rolling peels claiming to get rid of dead skin cells instantly but it’s in reality rolling of the cellulose or carbomers from the product. Or you may find yourself sitting in a pool of fishes for them to eating off your dead skin cells. All of these exfoliators are meant to give you a clean skin canvas so your moisturizers can absorbed easily instead of laying on dead skin cells.

There are pros and cons in each exfoliation method. The most obvious one is skin sensitivity. By constant exfoliating your skin, your skin layers get thinner and may dry out if you do not put on a moisturizer right after. However, proper exfoliation (2-3 times a week) can give you a healthy and glowing skin complexion.

So, is there one exfoliation product I absolutely love? Sure! This magic skin treatment starts like a peel and ends like a polisher with instant skin smoothing and radiant effect. I can even leave it on without rinse if I choose to! This product will be available soon in NYC on Chinese New Year. I will reveal where you can get it on my comment thread when it’s time!

Exfoliate Away! Moisturize! Sunscreen! Have a healthy & glowing skin complexion just like your 2013!

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