Epigenetic Beauty- Skin Care in Sync With Your Body Rhythm for Maximum Benefits!

Everyone has a master clock in body which tell your body when to eat and when to sleep.

Your body also absorbs nutrients at a different potency depending on what time of the day you feed it. For example, you get the maximum benefits of eating fruits in the morning instead of at night because of the better absorption rate. Your skin does the same way! Don’t you want the most potent treatment you can get by synchronizing your biological clock with what you use or eat?

People were born with genes but the environment can influence how genes behave. This environmental influence is “beyond” gene study thus called EPIGENETICS. How do we maximize the proper use of certain nutrients or energizing the mitochondria (the ATP power house of the gene) becomes the most important thing in skin care.

Scientific evidence has shown that in the morning, you need to have energy boosters/detox/DNA Repair enzymes and antioxidant protection.  At night, you need moisturization and DNA repair enzymes and Sirtuin boost (commonly found in red wine or Mexican bamboo as reseveratrol). Knowing the principles, using specific ingredients in skin care formulations that can achieve flawless beauty.

Based on your biological clock and the knowledge of science, the following technology for Day and Night products should be in your skin care products:

For Day- ingredient proven to detox and energize the cell at the mitochondria level, antioxidant such as thiotane- (antioxidant-source of amino acid), atoligomer (a cocktail of 73 minerals to strengthen skin), photosomes (light activated DNA repair) and phormistim (DNA protection from blue algae). Of course, never neglect the UV rays or even IR rays. Make sure you have adequate protections during the day as day is all about PREVENTION. With all the cosmetic technology advances, it is possible to have the optimal skin damage prevention from extrinsic factors.

For Night- you want to look for ingredient that will provide flash moisturization (as skin dehydates the most at night), ultrasome ( post DNA damage recovery), complete sirtuin activation (as it helps to delay cell death and allow skin to absorb nutrients) as well as roxisome (DNA repair at mitochondria level). The night is all about REPAIR. Kudos to Estee Lauder Companies’ Night Repair Concept since the 80’s.

So, the bottom line is- who makes the perfect products for the day or night products? While there is not a perfect 10 out there (due to cost or formulation challenges), you can actually find some elements of these technologies in prestige sectors such as Estee Lauder brands or some dermatologist brands such as 37 Extreme Actives by Dr. Macrene.

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