This world does not need another beauty brand. Consumers are confused enough. So when a new beauty brand comes on the market, it MUST be meaningful. This is WHY I developed FanLoveBeauty. This is a dedication to those who INSPIRE, EDUCATE or ENTERTAIN the society. We are super fans of people who have impacts in these three categories. We develop products for them and those aspired to be them.

In another words, MAC is created for professional makeup artist but you and I are users because we are aspired to be them! Got it?

The first collection of products are vegan lip balms dedicated to Daymond John of Shark Tank because he is a motivational speaker who often has dry lips. You can imagine only the very best ingredients are used to be on his lips. What does this mean to YOU? You have the opportunity to experience the non-sticky, non-waxy, ultra-smooth, ultra-moisturizing lip balm with clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by 6000%.  The formula is spiked with refreshing peppermint.

100% of the people agree it’s smooth, hydrating and refreshing! Check out the brand video below for what we do and the brand mission.

Your lips will LOVE you!!!!

xo, Ginger, Founder & Cosmetic Chemist

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