Fast Beauty Vs. Asian Beauty

The boom of B.B. Cream has created a craze. Everyone wants to know what’s after BB cream. CC cream? Surely, but we all know, it’s more “marketing” than “adding value” with the launches of CC creams. The reason BB cream has become successful because it matches the value of American fast beauty culture.  However, the texture and function of BB cream have been “Americanized” when it landed the states. In Asia, BB creams are used to create a make-up free look with flawless finish since most of the Asian people do not like the look and feel of foundation.  When BB creams come to the USA, it has transformed to your 5-in-1, 8-in-1 multi-tasker; thus, it’s very “ON TREND” to transform from Asian beauty to fast beauty. Kudos to the Western meets Eastern beauty!

Nevertheless, not all Asian trends will be the next biggest hit due to cultural differences. In the states, multi-tasking products for fast beauty is what we thrive for. In Asia, it is proper to have 20 steps beauty routine which yes, by the time you finish your night regimen, it could be morning already!

So, what exactly does Asia people do and what is the trend right now? The Booster Trend! There are basically two types of booster- one as a pre-step (the glorified toner) and one type as you “add it in” to boost the product efficacy.Both types are popular. Indeed, in October of New Beauty magazine, there is a whole section on the add-in boosters. Just as BB creams are “glorified tinted moisturizer”, the pre-step boosters are “glorified toner”.

Here are the three types of pre-boosters people use:

1) Product made of glycerin/glycols to enhance skin penetration.

2) Product made with different ionic charges (skin is anionic so cationic toners will enhance adsorption).

3) Product with alkaline pH for false impression of skin smoothness.

After cleansing the skin with either cleansing oil, cleansing water, or oil foamer, people use the above “pre-boosters” to enhance what ever nutritive steps you have such as massage cream, serum, night cream, eye cream, dark spot treatment and  lip balm. Lastly, they finish off with a sleeping finisher  to SEAL everything in. That is at least 10 products in use. Yes, the vanity chest always look like the entire skin care counter!

It is deeply rooted in Asian culture to take care of your skin. You either nourish or perish your one and only one face. This is why you see umbrellas or sun-brellas everywhere or the latest trend is wearing a rubber mask on the beach.

So, what is better? Fast beauty vs. Asian Beauty? My advice is if you have time, take it slow and do step by step. If you don’t, fast beauty can add a lot of value to your life style. By the way, do you know how I tell if a BB cream is good or not? Check your cellphone screen! If it left dirty marks after you talk on the phone, it’s not a good one! ha!

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