How To Prevent Losing Beauty Sales

As a beauty product developer, we spend A LOT of time refining the formula, the packaging, and troubleshooting in production for scaling up. Every single product out there is a labor of our child. In fact, each product will take 9 months from concept to counter just like having a baby!

There are many great products out there. How consumers pick the products has to do with how the beauty advisors present the information to them. We all know beauty retail is declining and there are reasons for that.

I visited a department store in NYC recently and the experience with the beauty advisors are simply shocking. I voiced this in my personal facebook and got invited to write a blog about it. If you are a Beauty Advisor or anyone representing a BRAND, or if you want to have your own brand and wanting to know how to prevent losing the sales because your ambassadors cannot push it to the finish line, read my article below.

Beauty Advisors Must Read!



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