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As a cosmetic chemist, I am constantly on the look out for the latest innovation in ingredients for the pursuit of eternal beauty. What constitutes to eternal beauty- there must be some clinical evidence or folklore history that proves the efficacy.

Here are some notable ingredients that recently excited me and offered through Toyota-Tsusho America Inc.  (T.A.I.) . Yes, the Toyota as the famous car maker, they have a cosmetic ingredients division along with many others such as textile, food, diagnostic division just to name a few.

Are you ready for some breakthrough in anti-aging? Read on!

  • Sialic acid– Sialic acid is the key component found in Asian delicacy Bird’s nest. Asian women have been eating this delicacy (from bird’s saliva) for centuries due to its folklore belief for better health, skin brightening and improved complexion. There are bird nest extract available on the market however, it is only 1% active. The sialic acid offered through T.A.I. is obtained via biofermentation of yeast so it is a natural identical. There is clinical proof to show at 0.5% dosage, it gives skin brightening effect and at 1% dramatic wrinkle reduction is achievable.  This is a WOW!
  • Kahai oil– This non-greasy, super luxurious oil has proven to be better than Argan oil with 50% more vitamin E content and 3 times more vitamin A than Rosehip oil.  A clinical is done to show 45% of wrinkle reduction in 4 weeks. This oil is ecocert natural and cosmos approved. You can use it on your salad if you like. I have made extreme pampering face creams and super moisturizing lip glosses with this oil. The results are simply MARVELOUS!
  • Hydro Balu– Seriously the most legendary anti-aging story I have EVER heard.  Most of the people know that Okinawa island in Japan is known for people living over 100 years old. However, this Hydro Balu from Colombia trumps anything and everything you have EVER heard. This giant Edamame like Colombian bean harvested in San Bernado island, not only gives people the average lifespan of over 100 years old, but after the people die, they MUMMIFIED naturally without preservation or treatment. There is a museum documented the natural mummification is due to this Balu bean for natural preservation of skin and hair. This is the ULTIMATE anti-ager one can possibly find! This is EPIC!

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What are some of your most favorite eternal beauty anti-aging ingredients?

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