New Kid On Blogging but Experienced Cosmetic Chemist on Products!

Hello everyone! Beauty is my deepest passion. I have been in Beauty (cosmetic formulation, marketing, sales) for more than 17 years. I love making them and selling them.

When I used to work for Fortune 500 cosmetic house, my product reviews are highly regarded as insightful and impactful. The R&D community actually used my review as a platform on how reviews should be written.

On my beauty blog, I will share with you the most accurate, and most informed knowledge as we all only have ONE face to care. Nourish or perish.

As I embark on the new beauty blogging venture, you can also send me products to review.

Happy Blogging!


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Ginger King, a renowned cosmetic chemist and beauty business expert, is making waves in the beauty industry with her commitment to empowering entrepreneurs to create