Nine Cosmetic Technology Trends From Asia-2017 + A Valentine Special :-)

As silicone valley is the technology hub. Asia is the beauty hub. I just came back from several major trade shows in Asia and pleased to inform what’s happening in the world of BEAUTY:

  • Freeze-Dry technology! The latest trend is to freeze dry your lotion or cream into balls for ease of travelling. When you use, just add water! Cool, right?
  • Peel-Off technology! Peel off brow tint, peel off lip tint, peel off mask.Anything peel-off is IN. Why? Peel off products in color have staining power and in skin, you can expect extra clarification benefits.
  • Fermented technology! This is a Korean driven trend which the belief is when ingredients are fermented, they work better for penetration.
  • Water technology! People no longer just want to use water for cosmetics. They want coconut water, bamboo water, apple water, and quartz water! These provides additional nutrient boost for your regular skin essence.
  • Foams. Foams. More Foams! Sensory is a big key in modern cosmetics. Cleansers with dense stable foam are seen every where in Japan. The product by Kao-Elvira Beauty whip soap is such an art foam as you dispense the product- you pump out the shape of  rose!
  • Skin Whitening! Most of the skin brightening products take time to see results.There are products using titanium dioxide, the white pigments to give the instant skin whitening effect. The most advanced ones actually use encapsulated titanium dioxide and sparsely spreading in the cream to achieve a natural insta-bright look.
  • Double Eyelid Glue! Asians have been longing for the super big-eyed look. When you have double-folds on the lid, your eyes just look bigger and more alert. The first eyelid glue I personally have used and loved was from Kiss Me. However, there are eyelid glue mask now you can sleep with it and wake up with double eyelids!
  • Hand-held LED lights! DIY spa-inspired treatment for firmer and more lifted skin. As a cosmetic chemist, I usually do not like to rely on devices as it takes the fun out of product development. But since the size of this device is as small as a palm- I bought one and have been religiously using it since Feb 01! I will keep you posted on progress.
  • Compressed Mask! Yes, masks are still hot. There are now compressed mask which you can just add your own essence and it spreads out like a sheet mask.

As you read this, have you seen the common thread? All new developments are aiming at easy on-the-go (freeze dried/ compressed mask), at home treatment (hand-held device, double eyelid treatment),  longer lasting results (peel off products/fermented ingredients) and instant gratification (insta-bright/high dense foam).

These trends actually are screaming at one of my formulated product-Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting mask! It’s an easy on the go , at home spa peel off mask with long lasting results and instant SMART (smooth, moisturizing, anti-aging, redness-reducing, toning) benefits! Oh, that feels pretty good to be ahead of curve :-).

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xo, Ginger

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