Nine Types of Wrinkles May Indicate Health Issues

I came across this interesting Health & Medicine column in Chinese newspaper on nine (9) types of wrinkles that may indicate health issues. Being a cosmetic professional, we often offer solutions to problems and anti-aging is our most important weapon. Now, understanding how different health issues may cause different types of wrinkles, this opens up a new horizon in looking at wrinkles differently.  Apparently wrinkles are no longer just skin deep!

1) Horizontal wrinkles across forehead– stress related, can lead to depression…..Perhaps we can design a stress relief forehead patch to help!

2) Wrinkles on nose bridge– indicates using too much brain power so may have headache often……Perhaps we can create an aromatherapy, nerve relaxing serum to relieve the headache and erase the line.

3) Wrinkles on the cheeks– may be blood vessel related- If the right face is more prominent, watch out for liver issues. If the wrinkle appeared to be diagonal shape, it may be hypertension related…….Perhaps we can use actives that may strengthen the blood vessel or prevent broken capillaries- who said we can’t use dark circle treatment for all over the face?

4) Wrinkles on sides of nose– signifies heart issue or spinal issues, in addition to drinking red wine, daily use of anti-oxidant in products and proper exercise may help.

5) Wrinkles between eyebrows- the 11’s- Indicates under high pressure, in addition to eating 5-10 sweet almonds to calm down nerves and/or shooting botox, massage with wrinkle fighting retinol or peptides may help.

6) Wrinkles around the eyes– they are emotion-related.  If there are wrinkles on upper eyelids, it may indicate heart issues. If there are crows feet, it may indicate the weakening of hearing. In addition to control emotions, perhaps applying eye cream with sunscreen (if you are not sensitive) and wearing sunglasses during the day can help.

7) Wrinkles below the eyes– This indicates issues related to detoxifying capability- watch out for kidney related issues.  If there are bags or wrinkles under the eye, make sure to increase daily intake of alkaline food and drink plenty of water. There are also plenty of skin care products addressing just this section of eyes.

8) Vertical lines on upper lips– hormone related wrinkles often caused by decrease of estrogen. Eat more soy/vegetables and apply products capable of boosting your skin’s own collagen and elastin levels.

9) Horizontal lines on lips- Indicate stomach/liver/spleen issues. Eat more chestnuts will help to nourish these internal organs. Externally, use lip exfoliator and lip balm frequently to offer protection.

The original article was posted on New Jersey Weekly, Chinese Edition on October 3, 2013. This author translated the finding and offered potential opportunities for cosmetic products!

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