Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures vs Cosmetic Products

When I read Asian magazines, besides skin brightening and moisture replenish, the most focused products are for V shape faces lead by Clarins products.

V shape face is the symbol of youth just as a bright skin complexion is the symbol of wealth. Facial Contouring is very popular in Asians as we tend to have a more flat face as opposed to a 3D face. I recently had a free cosmetic laser Refirm treatment to contour my jowl lines. Honestly, after the treatment, I have not seen a difference. I was told it takes about 3 treatments to see results. This makes me APPRECIATE cosmetic products MUCH MORE. Why? As most of the cosmetic products on market now focuses on INSTANT and LONG TERM RESULTS, who has the time and money for 3 treatments to see results if any? The treatments are typically $600-1000 each, I could have bought at least 10 jars of cosmetic products to use daily!

Most of the formulations for the V shape face are not that different than a cellulite cream. Many contains Caffeine to speed up lipolysis. Of course, there are ingredients out there 8 times stronger than Caffeine for lipolysis as well as increase microcirculation to flush out the fat.  Most of the cosmetic products requires massaging for 3-5 minutes if it involves slimming. So, my take is unless you have serious issues with your skin firmness, I opt for using skin care products than other non-invasive treatments. There are still risks associated with Laser burns and bruises.  You are in absolutely good hands with your very own skin care products if you choose brands with clinically tested products.

Start a new year with a new face. You don’t have to spend tons of money but choosing skin care products wisely can get you there! A personal tip- after you apply your favorite products, put a steamy hot towel over for a few minutes- it will increase microcirculation and see product efficacy faster. Happy 2013!

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