Seven Tips On Writing Objective Beauty Product Reviews

With the internet technology, almost everyone can be an instant beauty blogger. While there are many beauty bloggers out there, to write an objective review requires some thoughts since  your opinions do matter and the product performance should be the central focus for your readers to determine whether the product  you are reviewing is worthy of trying or not.

Here are the seven tips when writing  objective beauty product reviews:

1) First Impression- i.e. product aesthetic. You must describe how the product looks like, feels like, and smells like. If none of these sound appealing, do you think the consumers will be willing to put it on their face at least once a day or some calls for twice a day?

2) Target audience– are you the right person to comment? If the product claims to treat dandruff and you don’t have dandruff, needless to say, you are not the right demographic to test the product. If the product claims to be anti-aging, if you do not have even some fine lines, how can you objectively tell if the product works for you.

3) Product directions- I can not emphasize enough the importance of following the direction. Many of the products are tested based on the usage and duration. For example, to do SPF testing, there are certain thickness of products one must apply to get the protection. If you are skimpy on the product, do not complain you still get a sunburn. Most of the anti-cellulite products require massages. If you just apply without the massage, you will not get the same benefits. Some products are one time use only such as hair color. If you try to save the remaining mixture and not used it, do not complain the color does not come out rich enough. Using a cosmetic product is no different than using a doctor’s prescription. If you only take half of the medicine or not following the direction, even the best doctor can not help you.

4) Product claims- There are products out there which are clinically tested. There are also marketing claims such as bouncier hair or more elastic skin feel. Among all the product reviews out there, I do applaud Marie Claire Asia Editions as they often come up with the most creative, most credible apple to apple comparisons. For example, for skin hydration, they would apply the product among other treatments in the same categories on raisin and see which one plumped up the most. They also always backed up by instrumental study on skin for percent moisture increase. Of course, especially for skin care, there are many claims that are tested for at least 30 day of continued use. If that is the case, when you are writing the review, please also take the time frame into consideration. Beauty companies spend tons in clinical testing and consumer testing with proper protocols. So, a beauty product review should also respect the team efforts and time behind the products.

5) Ingredient claims- In the past, people love to go after what’s hottest and the latest in the anti-aging world. However, due to the change in regulation and the entry to China, the ingredient names must be approved on the 2004 INCI dictionary to allow entry. Even when an ingredient company comes up with novel technology, they now have to use the most common ingredient name to enable global companies to have business in China. Therefore, soy extract from company A may be entirely different than the soy extract from company B which is clinically tested. Gone are the days for making ingredient comparison. It is now down to “You Have To Try It Yourself ” to know if the product really works. Fortunately, there are sampling companies like Beauty Army, Birch Box, Sample Society which people can get a sample prior to purchase. This also underscores the power of bloggers thus your objective review is super critical for your fellow readers.

6) Unique attribute: A product is a product. What is the unique selling preposition for the product you are reviewing that will keep you coming back? Is it it’s travel-friendly package? Is it it’s proprietary technology? Why should your reader try this product instead of the other? What draws your attention to it or even there are lack of unique attributes?

7) Pricing: This one is my biggest pet peeve. Often times, a blogger will go through the pro’s and con’s of the product performance and all of a sudden, a sentence like ” This product costs $ xx so I will not purchase or for that reason, I give it a 4 instead of 5″. Okay, it may be expensive for you but may not be expensive for your readers. Let your readers decide if they would want to invest in the product based on your objective product evaluation. You can list the price but basing on price and give a not so glowing review on product is an insult for the cosmetic chemists working on the products as often times, they do not decide what price point the products should be sold.

We live in the world of beauty. Word of mouth has become the most powerful tool in guiding the beauty selections. We rely on bloggers to bring forth the most relevant, most objective reviews to help each other in their selections. Your opinions count. So, before you put out the review, please make sure you have followed the product usage and direction and leave the price point for informational purposes only.

Let’s work hard toward Objective Beauty Product Reviews. xo! Ginger

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