Skin Care Tips From A Multi-faceted Cosmetic Chemist

Dermatologists know SKIN. Cosmetic Chemsits Know PRODUCTS. Makeup-Artists know TECHNIQUES.      I am a skin ingredient expert, a cosmetic chemist and a trained makeup-artist.

Here are the common skin issues and my beauty hacks:

Sun Spots– Have you noticed the older people usually have spots around the cheek bone? That area the thinnest area when sun hits and  most prone to have UV damage. Yes, you can use SPF products and foundations contain SPF but wouldn’t it be nice to have a BLUSH with SPF? As a cosmetic chemist know, adding SPF’s to products just adding more testing time and cost and it may impact the color pay off. However, don’t despair, here’s a beauty hack:  Put a thin layer of SPF 30-50 over your blush. This way you blend in the blush more naturally with a natural glow and it also serves as a double insurance to prevent sun spots

Blemishes- We all have it no matter the age. As a cosmetic chemist, our job is to improve delivery of actives so skin care products can work FAST. However, there is a fine line between a cosmetic and drug thus all the acne treatments are classified as OTC (Over the Counter Drug).  Personally, I keep a tube of Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment wit me at all times. Whenever I feel a zit may be coming out, I kill it before it happens with this product.  Why this works because it is a  2% salicylic treatment without drying out the skin. Salicilic acid has the ability to go down deeper to the skin layer (thus it’s regulated). Here’s my beauty hack:  if you apply a thin layer of a 2% salicylic acid product before your anti-aging treatment, it works faster.  

Foaming Facial- With the trend of sulfate-free products, most of the facial cleansers just do not foam enough. Granted foam is not an indication of cleansing but it certainly elevates the user experience.  Just like you use a tooth brush with toothpaste, if you use a mesh with a soap or facial cleanser, you just get so much more fun besides the mesh helps to exfoliate the skin. Think of it as you always need a shower sponge to go with your shower gel. I like my facial cleanser foamy, do you?


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