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People are busy. We all crave for miracle skin care products that are multi-functional and offer immediate results. We heard so many women asking for anti-aging benefits but what anti-aging really looks like?

It looks like S.M.A.R.T.:

Smooth– When people get older, the skin texture gets rougher. Products that help exfoliate away dead skin cell or to soften skin can  instantly revive for a younger looking skin. Look for products containing natural fruit acids or smooth round shape beads (non-polyethylene, non-irregular shapes) to help skin cell turn over. Do not ever put your expensive moisturizer over dead skin layer. It will just be a waste. You can feel if your skin is smoother or not immediately after one use of product.

Moisturizing- Dry skin equals ugly skin. When skin or lips get chapped, it’s a sign of dehydration inside out. Not only we need to constantly hydrate ourselves with plenty of water, we also need constantly hydrate our skin. Dermatologists said we should wear sunscreen daily. Let me add- we should hydrate and nourish our skin daily as well. Oh, and I do not mean layer Vaseline all over you (yes, there are still people swear by that!). A proper moisturization step includes exfoliation, hydration and protection.  Look for ingredients that are proven moisture boosters such as algae extracts, water melon extracts, hyaluronic acids as well as protectors which offer added moisture seal such a shea butter, avocado, jojoba, coconut, or squalane.

Moisturization is not just for people with dry skin. People who tend to be oily also need hydration. The ingredients selections are basically the same but you can choose different types of product texture for your specific skin care needs. For example, if you tend to be oily, a cream-gel texture will be more suitable than a regular cream catered for normal-dry skin. You can feel if your skin is soaking up the moisture or not after one use. Some products can even offer 24-48 hour of moisturization benefits.

Anti-Aging: Anti-Aging is a big umbrella of all the things we try to shy away from which include lines and wrinkles,dull-looking skin, age spots, pore enlargement, sagging skin, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Anti-aging can mean different things to different people depending on their age group. When we get older, we produce less collagen and elastin so ingredients that can boost these such as vitamin C and peptides can help to firm up the skin. Additionally, vitamin C also can help with age spots. My personal favorite vitamin C is 3-ethyl-ascorbic acid which is a patented compound with proven stability delivering the highest ascorbic acid content to the skin to really correct and prevent dark spots. Ingredients like eijitsu rose extract has been proven to help pore-refining. Soy and Rice protein are clinically tested to be great for people who have concerns on dark circles and puffiness under eye.  To experience the anti-aging benefits, we need 28 days to see the results. Any immediate benefits will come if the products have added optical diffuser to help conceal while treating the cause. If you receive a sample from any sample boxes, the anti-aging aspect is something you will actually have to buy the full size product to reap the benefits!

Redness-Reducing: Almost 90% of self-diagnosed people said they have sensitive skin. With the exception of rosacea which is a type of skin condition, people with sensitive skin tend to get irritated easily and turned red. Lately a lot of cosmetic company start to address this “red-ness” issue as if you take away the “red hue” on the skin, you will dramatically look younger! Try this with your photo filter and see for yourself! In this category, look for ingredients that are from seaweeds, licorice extracts, green tea extracts to calm and soothe skin. A well-formulated product can actually prevent the skin redness from happening rather than simply reduce it. You can tell if the redness of your skin has been toned down or if you have any reaction to the products after one use.

Toning: The T in toning for oily skin is for T-zone. For people with oily skin, it’s often a challenge to keep the skin “balanced” on the T zone area. A good product should smartly detect oil and controls the oiliness over time. Often times, during summer, you spot people with a dark forehead because the excessive sebum on forehead “eats up” the make-up and leaving a dark spot. With proper toning ingredients such as peony extracts, raspberry extract, lotus extract, they can help to neutralize the oxidation effect from environment as well.A younger looking skin should be one even-tone all over.

For people with dry skin, the toning can mean increased skin microcirculation so skin looks more healthy and radiant. There are abundant of rich resources from the sea which are proven to increase microcirculation for a more glowing, not greasy, complexion. Depending on the formulation, you may be able to experience toning effect after one use of product if the product contains alcohol for immediate refreshing effects (most of the Asian or some European formulas do contain alcohol).

So, are you doing S.M.A.R.T. Skin Care to look and feel your best? Why not start today?


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