Take care of your eye area- the first signs of aging

Eye area  is the first target to show aging. Thus, cosmetic companies come out with hundreds of eye products each year trying to help us combating the first signs of aging. There are ingredient technologies targeting specific causes of eye area concerns such as fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness under eyes or even creepy eye lids. Among these, the easiest to treat is the lines/crows feet which you may be able to see immediate results. Typically, for a decent eye cream formulation, you will look for the following technologies:

Dark circle- can be caused by pigmentation or heredity/poor circulation- look for ingredients that are known to have skin brightening effect such as vitamin C and circulation enhancers (abundant in marine algaes).

Lines/Crowsfeet- can be caused by skin dryness/squinting- look for peptides, moistuization boosters (acquacell), biopolymers or optical diffusers (silicones) to address this issue.

Puffiness- again microcirculation enhancers or buckwheat wax can help dramatically. Also the roller ball applicator from the eye product packaging also will help.

Creepy eyelids- ingredients that strengthens skin barriers like ceramides or collagen boosting ingredients (vitamin C) will definitely help.

Among all the eye products on the market, my personal favorite is Dr. Denese’s Hydroshield Eye Emulsions. This is a thick gel that applies lubriciously around the eyes without the worry about ‘running into” the eyes. Yes, for eye area product, look for THICK consistency! This is the first product I have used (and I tested thousands of them!) that causes no irritation, and my fine lines and crows feet seemed to lessen just after one use.  The formulation incorporates many of the modern technologies such as Acquacell which is an clinically proven ingredient to show results after 2 hours and peptides for long term effects. You can find Dr. Denese’s HydroShield Eye Emulsion along with many of her fabulous products on www.qvc.com or on her website www.drdenese.com  

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