The Small Yet Mighty Tool To Complete Your Beauty Look

When I was a teenager, my mom would never go out with me If I do not wear a lipstick. She thought a colored lip means a healthy look and to her dismay, I tended to use really dark colors to look cool but it made me look older.

When I go out with my 11-year-old son now, he would always ask me to put on eyeliners. As he thought the eyes are everything. The bolder the eyeliners, the bigger the eyes appeared.

Sure, the lips and eyes are major when people look at you but don’t forget, you need some blush to complete the LOOK!

Here are my seven pointers on blush:

  • If you only use a lipstick, your skin tone may look shallow. If you do have some foundation on, you can still look wiped out. Some blushes can add that healthy glow to the look.
  • Although as a cosmetic chemist, I never want people to use blushes as an eye shadow because some pigments may not be good for sensitive eyes. However, a dab of a pink eye shadow on the middle of eyelids give you instant “cuteness”. I particularly favor Clarins  Eye,Cheek & Lip Cream Blush.
  • Some ethnic group looks gorgeous with deep red color blush. However, unless you have a darker skin tone, stick with a pink color blush to look natural.
  • Match your lipstick with blush? Sure, if you have a warm tone lipstick on, you can use a coral tone of blush. If you have a cool tone lipstick with blue in there, stick with a pink blush so the colors do not crash.
  • To have a natural look, pink is always the best bet because the idea of using a blush is to imitate the natural skin flush for that baby-like natural redness. It’s never brown or violet or copper.
  • Cream blushes tend to stay on better than powder blushes and create less streaking issues.
  • How you apply blush also matters. Usually you would smile and apply blushes on the “apple” of the cheek. If you do it with round stroke, you can look more youthful.  If you do a slant motion, it can be more of a contour to emphasize on your cheek bone.

So, when you are putting on your “eyes”, “lips”, do not forget the small yet almighty tool- BLUSH to complete your look.

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