Three Parts Skin Care for Ageless Look & Good Fortune!

How do you usually take care of your skin? One jar of cream or one bottle of lotion ? The most is adding an eye cream? Do you know Asian people like to use  at least 15 products on their face for the optimal care? I’d like to share with you a Three Parts Skin Care approach to create the ageless look that is not only youthful but on trend with Asian CHI to bring you good fortune! The three parts are forehead, nose/cheek and lip/chin care.

1) Forehead- In Asia, people look at your forehead for CHI. If you have a dark forehead, it’s an indication of bad fortune or illness will come upon you. I have seen many people who have a pretty face but forgetting to put foundation on the forehead; thus created a pretty interesting contrast. It is like reverse Panda look. Even if your bangs may cover forehead, the darkness can still show through. Therefore, don’t forget to exfoliate your forehead, hydrate it (as that’s the second place of lines after your crows feet), and BRIGHTEN it. There are many great skin brighteners available for dark spots treatment, why not put all over your forehead? One caveat is your forehead is thinner than the rest of face, so do not overload it. Choose oil-free, hydrating, brightening products for forehead care.

2) Nose/Cheek care: In this area, pore reduction and rosy radiance are crucial in defining beauty. Besides lines and wrinkles, pores are the first thing people look at on your face. There are many pore refining products out there, some of them even have clinical proof to show 20% pore reductions. Rosy radiance is a sign of good fortune, not to be confused with rosacea which is a skin issue. To achieve so, enhancing skin circulation and massages are important. Thus, in  this category, you can find boosters, massage creams and pore reduction serums to help. Novel advances now also targets the “triangle of beauty”.  As people are getting older, you will observe the reverse of triangle- your chin get broader and the folds around nose get more noticed and looking more like a triangle. There are technologies to treat this specific area as well.

3) Lip/Chin area-There are already many companies coming out with lip scrubs, lip plumpers, lip gloss as when people get older, lips get thinner. Lips are definitely a strong category for anti-aging concerns. The chin area- not as often addressed but should as in Chinese medicine, if you have acne around the chins, you may have stomach issues. A clear and clean (yes, trim those fine hair) around the chin is a good indication of health.

Did you notice I did not talk about eye area care? That’s an whole new discussion as there are too many things to address- lines, dark circles, creepy eye lids, baggy eyes, pumps around the eyes, use scotch tapes to create double eyelids to look more awake….etc. Until next time!  Address the Three Parts Skin Care now to welcome your 2014 for GOOD FORTUNE!!!

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