Why are consumers pursuing NATURAL options? Are they really better?

Natural. Organic. Vegan. Clean.  These are the buzz words on all the beauty products because they are driven by retailers, press and consumers. When we examine the root of it, it really comes down to FOOD. Yes, FOOD.

We have been taught that we need to eat natural and organic food as all processed foods are bad for our health. Agreed. However, cosmetic products do not behave that way! If we are talking about EDIBLE Natural, then yes, natural is a healthier option. People, however need to separate Cosmetic Science from Kitchen Science. While natural and fresh food are good for you, these products once formulated in a cosmetic product, they lose efficacy and stability resulting in shorter shelf life and not many benefits.

Due to the demand of the market place, chemists are forced to work with all-natural materials as after all, sales is what’s driving the economics and we must listen to the market demand.

This is a short article but a powerful one. All you need to think is will vitamin C from a natural apple be more effective than a synthetic tablet?

We all know once you cut open the apple, it will turn brown. While Vitamin C tablets we bought, they must have been essayed to guarantee the potency.  Additionally, mother natural dictates the abundance of nutrients present and there is crop to crop variations. While a synthetic natural material will guarantee you the efficacy you desired.

The takeaway points are as follows:

1- Yes, eat healthily and live a healthy lifestyle.

2- No, natural is not always better when it comes to cosmetics. Clean Beauty (non-toxic) is what people should really pay attention to.

3- If you absolutely want natural materials, make sure they still perform. After all, we buy beauty products for performance not because it is natural.

4- Synthetic materials guarantee you the efficacy and consistency every time. As long as the synthetics do not harm people, animals or environment, have a blast.

5- While food is a wonderful inspiration for the beauty industry, beauty science goes one step beyond food as beauty products need to ensure shelf-life stability and long term efficacy. Unlike food, as long as they do not give you a tummy ache, they can be as creative as they want as they will be consumed in no-time.


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