Your Health Goal- Use A Great Lip Balm

Lip balms are probably the most used beauty products regardless if you are a man or woman. We all get dry lips from weather and talking. Since lip balm is closest to the internal organ, what you use MATTERS/

Avoid ingredients like petrolatum as it belongs to gas stations. Avoid ingredients like lanolin as it’s from sheep wools and may cause allergic reactions. Avoid ingredients like beeswax as beeswax comes from the beehives where the bees live. How do you like people mess up your house? Yet 90% of the lip balms now contain beeswax because it is a cheap alternative to petrolatum and lanolin which conscious consumers already try to avoid.

Bees play a big role in our society and they are diminishing.  We need to leave them alone!  No bees, we die. Just google it you will find tons of references. So, leave the bees alone. Say NO to Beeswax. #SavetheBees.

Read your ingredient labels especially when it comes to LIP BALM!

To your health, beauty and well-being,



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