Your Beauty Questions ANSWERED!

As a cosmetic chemist, a skin expert and a makeup artist, I have  been asked many questions by consumers and editors. Below is the Q&A for the commonly asked questions and my professional opinion. Is red-lipstick the best hack for under eye dark circles? Heck NO! Red lipsticks contains certain dyes that can be irritating […]

Let’s talk about beauty- anything in beauty

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Must Read “Don’t Do” Make-up & Skin-Care Tips From A Cosmetic Chemist

Make-Up boosts our confidence. Make-up showcases our creativity. Who doesn’t like make-up? While there are many trends of doing make-up, do it wisely for your own safety and bring out the best look in you. This post is a must read from a cosmetic chemist’s view who has also worked as a make-up artist at […]

Starting A Beauty Brand

How many times have you heard the same story- I  want to start a beauty brand because I can not find products on the market that will suit my needs? On the surface, yes, it is a solution to a problem but is the scope of problem large enough to start a business? I am […]

Six Beauty Trends Observed From The Eye Of The Cosmetic Chemist- ME!

Hello beauties! There were a couple beauty shows I attended in June (HBA/Spa/IBS) and here is what’s happening in the world of beauty: – Powder trend- Sprayable powders and powder in puff are innovative ways to deliver powder for hair, sun or make up applications. There are also powder to cream technologies to release fresh product […]