Want to Start Your Own Beauty Business? Let’s Talk!

Check out my sizzle reel and let’s work together to make your dream of owning your beauty brand come true. Be your own boss and leave a legacy! Creativity follows commitment. If you are committed, we can make this happen! I help you from concept to launch and starting in 2021, I can now also […]

My Skin Care Regimen- Want to Know What a Cosmetic Chemist Use?

There are so many products out there in the market, how do you know what to buy? Some reads on-line reviews. Some smells the products. Some touches the products. Some buys the products because of the brand name. Some buys products because they seem to work (yes, seem to work as honestly if there is […]

What Happens At The Cosmetic Counter- Your Questions Answered

I am a cosmetic chemist and a beauty consultant who have worked in retail at the counter- note, I no longer said “behind the counter” as you are supposed to be IN FRONT of the counter recruiting clients by showing them what’s new at all times. I love being at the counter as you get […]

Nine Types of Wrinkles May Indicate Health Issues

I came across this interesting Health & Medicine column in Chinese newspaper on nine (9) types of wrinkles that may indicate health issues. Being a cosmetic professional, we often offer solutions to problems and anti-aging is our most important weapon. Now, understanding how different health issues may cause different types of wrinkles, this opens up […]

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures vs Cosmetic Products

When I read Asian magazines, besides skin brightening and moisture replenish, the most focused products are for V shape faces lead by Clarins products. V shape face is the symbol of youth just as a bright skin complexion is the symbol of wealth. Facial Contouring is very popular in Asians as we tend to have […]

Beauty & Water- How “rich” is your skin?

Everyone knows the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day to keep healthy. Do you know the word ‘water’ is on at least 85% of cosmetic claims? Claims like to boost hydration, to lock in the moisture content, to increase 24 hour moisturization and to prevent trans-epidermal water loss are commonly seen. “WATER” […]

Read The Cosmetic Label? Not All Ingredients Are Created The Same!

When a cosmetic product has gained wide public recognition and sales, you will soon find “copy cats” following suits. Typically they will copy the ingredient label word by word to create a “me-too” product hoping to gain market share.They will first copy the product aesthetics such as taking measurements of product viscosity (to know how […]