Branding is Everything

My mentor Grant Cardone says the number one reason business fail is because of obscurity. If people don’t know you, they don’t flow you. Getting known is the first big step to build credibility. As a beauty industry consultant, the first question the clients want to know is what have you done. There are many […]

Collaborate with Ginger King

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TheBeautyShark PodCast

Good Monday Morning and the first day of April! Wow, we are officially entering the second quarter for 2019! Have you checked off some of your goals yet? If you have not subscribed to TheBeautyShark podcast, please do. I want to use 5 minutes every Monday morning to share with you about BEAUTY & ENTREPRENEURSHIP. […]

Let’s Get Personal

My dear blog readers, I just created a podcast so you can HEAR from me and not just reading on what I have to say. As you know, I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, working in every single aspects- from raw material, concept development, formulation, manufacturing, launching a beauty business […]

Want to Learn More About Beauty?

I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. What I have learned throughout the years is there are two things that determine your success- the ability to speak in public and the ability to sell. It is NOT the best product but the BEST KNOWN product that get you sales. It is […]

How To Prevent Losing Beauty Sales

As a beauty product developer, we spend A LOT of time refining the formula, the packaging, and troubleshooting in production for scaling up. Every single product out there is a labor of our child. In fact, each product will take 9 months from concept to counter just like having a baby! There are many great […]

How To Be The Lotus On the Ever-Crowded Landscape of Cosmetic Business

There are thousands of Indie Beauty brands emerging daily. The price to entry these days are no longer just a prestige image or just claiming natural ingredients. How do you stand out? There is a Chinese saying that Lotus is precious because it stands tall and clean despite in a pond of mud. With the […]

Skin Care Tips From A Multi-faceted Cosmetic Chemist

Dermatologists know SKIN. Cosmetic Chemsits Know PRODUCTS. Makeup-Artists know TECHNIQUES.      I am a skin ingredient expert, a cosmetic chemist and a trained makeup-artist. Here are the common skin issues and my beauty hacks: Sun Spots– Have you noticed the older people usually have spots around the cheek bone? That area the thinnest area […]

My New Beauty Pick

Hello there! It’s been a long time! I am BUSY. Everyone is busy. We all have the same 24 hours in the day so how do we make the most of it?! Check out my new site where you can find my latest beauty pick for our busy life style! Go now and let […]